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Facing criminal charges is a challenging and difficult situation. Having a reliable, professional and dedicated lawyer is critical at this time. Due to his history of providing criminal defense consul, Mr. Brett understands what you are going through, and is committed to working hard on your behalf to resolve your legal matters. He will discuss your case at length, listen to all of your concerns, provide the best options, and address your questions about the best criminal defense. Additionally, he will make sure you go into court with a thoroughly prepared defense. The entire time he will make sure your rights are protected and all defense options are explored.   

Furthermore, Mr. Brett will put up a strong defense, and aggressively negotiate to get your charges reduced or even overturned. Protecting your rights and future by helping you avoid a criminal conviction is over paramount importance and Mr. Brett understands that. This is just one of the reasons why he is one of the best lawyers in the Lehigh Valley.

This firm accepts cases involving many felony and misdemeanor crimes, including:

• Drug Offenses (Possession, Possession with Intent to Distribute)
• Weapons Offenses
• Sexual Offenses
• Theft and Burglary
• Criminal Trespass
• Fraud
• Assault and Battery
• Juvenile Offenses
• Violent Crimes
• Domestic Violence
• Probation Violations
• Hit and Run
• Driving While Suspended/Driving While Revoked
• No Insurance
• Reckless/Careless Driving
• Speeding
• All other Traffic Offenses


If you are in need of an experienced, reliable, and aggressive criminal defense attorney, please do not hesitate to call 610-438-8771 or email the Law Offices of Chris Brett today! We truly care about your future, and will do everything possible to find the best resolution to your case.

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We provide rigorous defense of all types of criminal charges. You can rest assured that the Law Office of Christopher M. Brett will provide a robust and thorough defense against DWI, DUI, Theft, Fraud, Assault and more. more details


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personal injury

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   Wills & Estates

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